Pueraria Mirifica Miracle Herb

Tropical Herbal Group: Pueraria Mirifica Thai is Thailand’s protection of rare wild plant species for the beans Kege root block, the growth of virgin forest in northern Thailand, the root block grows in 1 to 2 meters deep underground. Today, in northern Thailand and other places, women will Pueraria crushed mix raw honey as a beauty, healthy food. In fact, Thailand, Pueraria Mirifica has been since ancient times as a folk tradition of female beauty, health food recipe. AGA Until the 20th century, 20 years, people in northern Myanmar and Malaysia, Thailand PAGA repair ancient temple, the temple was accidentally discovered this tradition recorded in secret hidden secrets of the ancient literature. Pueraria Mirifica Thai food from the traditional start of the Thai people in more popular. The 20th century, 30’s, these documents have been translated into English, so that the – the traditional secret spread to the outside, and gradually known around the world.

# Thai Medical experts noted that: Thai food is known as Pueraria Mirifica accustomed to living in the mountains of northern Thailand Mon fullness of breasts, Body beautiful, fair complexion, good health and longevity, but also women in the region, the average bust than Thailand, the average female bust big 8 cm !

# Thailand, local residents have used Pueraria Mirifica 100 years, the main purpose is to use its rejuvenate. (Luang Anusan Suntara) With regard to Pueraria Mirifica can restore the effectiveness of youth from generation to generation, and most recently by the Lueniusen Santala (Luang Anusan Suntara) conducted an open publication.

Pueraria functions as follows:

  1. be used as a wrinkled skin aging anti-wrinkle agent;
  2. Can make white hair black, and to promote hair growth;
  3. Can reduce the cataract symptoms;
  4. Help to treat memory loss;
  5. Can enhance the physical strength and vitality, making the body more flexible movement;
  6. Can promote blood circulation;
  7. Can improve appetite, sleep disturbance and mitigation;

Pueraria Mirifica Extracts:

1) Pueraria mirifica Powder ” For filling into capsules or tablets form.”
2) pueraria mirifica Liquid ” For manufacturing into cosmetics product. “
3) Pueraria Mirifica Jet Spray Dried Powder

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