Garden to your health

Utilizing your vacant backyard is fun, you can garden in them, such activities are good for your health. Here are few example of easy-to-grow summer plants which offer all kinds of benefits, from warding off disease-carrying mosquitoes to helping you sleep.

Plant                                   What it Does                                              How to use it

Echinacea                          Fights summer colds                                Steep fresh or dried leaves, flowers and/or roots in boiling water for tea

and other infections

Citronela grass                 Repels mosquitoes                                    Crush the leaves and rub them on skin

or lemongrass

Lavender                            promotes sleep, eases                             Put the leaves and flowers in water in a vase on a night stand – to take advantage

anxiety                                                       the soothing scent.


Jewelweed                         keeps poison ivy rash                              Slice the stem, then rub the juicy inside on exposed skin.

from forming


Thank you for this tip have a nice day.



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Apolinario Paul

Gardening is always been my passion, the daily activity serves as my workout. I like tinkering around, turning the soil, fighting the common enemies of the gardeners. There is red ants, termites, weeds and birds fighting to be the very first one to harvest tomatoes, beans, okra, bitter melon, oranges, persimmons; the fruits and the produce, even the extremely hot peepers!