Start harvesting in July and August

Hello to the green people,

Vegetables planted in February are now ready for harvesting, there are however ifs with this statement. That is if you took good care by watering them appropriately, weeding and cultivating. And then there are problems with ants, it seems their favorite housing sites are your garden. For tomatoes their are larvae that compete in eating the leaves, stem and any branches that bear flowers. So instead of fruits your looking at those insect that are pruning your tomato plants; there would be no fruit in the situation. Bell peppers are wonderful when you watch from flowering to fruiting how the bells grow in size until they become red and there ever green too. The problems with bells are birds, they are watching you. The moment you are done the caring and go inside your home, birds will be plying in the magnolia trees, playing catch to mate where the bells are growing beside their mating trees. The aroma of the bells are just too appetizing so the birds are having fiesta with them, bells! Kalamansi (Philippine lemon) are in the habit of flower and bearing fruit, rain or shine, summer or wintertime, they are always available for your table. The fruits are in all stages of growth; there are yellow, semi, green, small, just starting to rid itself of petal and the flowers! I harvested just one branch couple of days ago and got ten kilos (10 kl) already. All around each of the 3 trees have yellow fruits around them. Three trees are now 20 feet high I pruned them four times about grew back up faster! Then the tangerine around the yard, started bearing fruits, I planted them from seeds and 9 became trees. Three of them are fruiting for the first time. I have a small size orange that have been bearing fruits for tree years, now all branches are fruiting. As you can see I have a harvesting problem, but in all its a lot of fun!


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Apolinario Paul

Gardening is always been my passion, the daily activity serves as my workout. I like tinkering around, turning the soil, fighting the common enemies of the gardeners. There is red ants, termites, weeds and birds fighting to be the very first one to harvest tomatoes, beans, okra, bitter melon, oranges, persimmons; the fruits and the produce, even the extremely hot peepers!