Boosting metabolic hormones that is the thyroid hormones

A study in the Journal of Nutrition and Biochemistry found that cooper deficiency resulted in reduced thyroid output. And another study an iron supplementation was able to have a positive impact on the thyroid hormones levels.

First, sesame seeds and cashews are packed with the essential nutrients of cooper and iron both of which are highly correlated to thyroid hormone output and metabolism. So delicious cashews and sesame seeds can help you boost levels of your body’s most metabolic, your thyroid hormones.

Additionally, zinc is another extremely important mineral to thyroid function, and sesame seeds and cashews are both great source of zinc. InĀ  fact, research has shown that zinc deficiency can slow down the body’s conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the metabolically, the thyroid hormones active hormone T3 by 67%. This means running on only one-third of your thyroid and metabolism potential, so here we go Cashews and sesame seeds to the rescue.

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