Amazing Leaves in your Pantry

Bay Leaves is a musky leaf from the bay laurel tree. A tree that originally grow in the Mediterranean area, cherish among nations for a long period of time. Since ancient era Bay Laurel Tree are celebrated and has been regarded as a sacred and its branches were given to poets and winners the highest glory and honor. Over time, the bay leaves are known by other name, such as: Tej Patta, Indian Bay, Sweet bay, Appolo’s Bay Leaf, Royal Laurel, Bay Laurel; attesting to the popularity of these leaves.


Uses and Benefit: Bay leaves are used in cooking and in making perfumes, medicine because of it is loaded with rich minerals and anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, organic compounds, anti fungal and host of other things like ward off and kill cockroaches for other things.

Here are the Health Benefits of Bay Leaf:

  1. Fight diabetes – Bay leaves play an important role in treatment of diabetes type 2 because they cause reduction in cholesterol, blood glucose and triglyceride levels. Regular consumption of leaves will cause drop in sugar levels and will regulate the function of your heart. This happens thanks to the antioxidants found in the bay leaves which enable the blood process insulin more efficiently. So, patients who are at risk of developing diabetes or who already suffer from this condition should increase the intake of bay leaves since it lower the chancs of diabetic episodes.
  2.  Protect the Heart РBay leaves are packed with rutin and caffeine and other minerals that play an important role in protection of the heart, it regulate and helps remove the bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system.
  3. Fight against Cancer – The unique combination of antioxidants and organic compound found in bay leaves such as: catechins, linalool, parthenolide, phytonutrients, is excellent in fighting free radicals responsible for converting healthy cells into cancerous cells.
  4. Remove Pain – If you suffer from headaches you should definitely drink bay leaf tea. The oil extracted in the procees of making the bay leaf tea has anti inflammatory and analgesics properties. These properties are good in fighting migraines, headaches, join pains, arthritis and other kinds of pain.
  5. Good for pregnant women – Rich in folic acid, bay leaves are very beneficial for pregnant women. They are especially beneficial during the periconception period (3 months before and after conception are the beginning of pregnancy). By providing enough folic acid they protect the fetus from baby defects. They are also beneficial in inducing pregnancy.
  6. Strengthen the immune system – Bay leaves are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and also zinc which are three nutrients for keeping healthy, strong immune system. Vitamin A protects the mucous membranes found at the lower level of nose, eyes, throat, mouth, digestive tract and lungs which are exposed to bacteria, viruses to a great extent. Healthy mucous membranes won’t allow bacteria and viruses to penetrate the body.
  7. Help digestion – Bay leaves are very useful for the digestive system. They are very effective in settling the stomach but also in reducing problems in the digestive tracts. Also they reduce flatulence and other functions which can break down proteins and help the flow of food minierals to the body.
  8. Remove dandruff – Prepare a mixture of cold water and bay leaves and wash your hair with the mixture as in shampooing. You can also add ten to fifteen drops of bay leaves essential oil to your soap and you will get rid of dandruff for good.
  9. Treatment of kidney stones – Bay Leaves are helpful in treating kidney infections and even kidney stones. Prepare a cup of bay leaf tea by boiling 5 grams bay leaves in 200 ml water. Boil until only 50 grams of water is left in the pot. Stain the tea and drink it twic a day in order to prevent kidney stone formation.
  10. Fight insomnia – If you suffer from insomnia bay leaves can be very helpful to you. They have mild property and calming effect on your mind. Put a few drops of the bay leaf extract into a glass coffee and drink it before going to bed. If you consume this mixture before bedtime you will calm your nerves and induce deep sleep.
  11. Ward off roaches and other insects – Burn bay leaves inside your house. Take couple of leaves and place them in metal dish and light them up to burn. Let the smoke spread in the house. The smokes carry the fumes around the inside of your home and let them scamper away and die, you win the fight against the pests.

The Benefits you can get in burning bay leaves in your house:

1. Reduce Fatigue РBay leaves contain cineol, pinene and elemicin compounds, When you burn the bay leaves combination of those chemicals   produces calming and relaxing but still stimulating effects.

2. Reducing anxiety – Bay leaves contain compound called linalool. According to a study by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetics, linalool decreases anxiety and increases the will for interaction. Linalool gives its effect after 10 minutes of breathing in the smell.

3. Protect the respiratory system – Both compounds mycrene and eugenol which are found in bay leaves have anti-inflammation properties and are great for dislodging mucus and phlegm in the lungs and for stimulation of respiratory passages. The best way to help your respiratory system is by inhaling the fume of a burnt leaf into the house.

Now take good care of your Bay Laurel Tree, mine is growing robust and fast. The future will be full of leave burning in my house, I’m quite ready for the fumes! Share this knowledge…




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