Tropical Landscaping – The Difference Between A Temperate And Humid Climate

Have you ever dreamt of having a tropical landscaping? Living in a tropical area is a dream come true for many individuals. They don’t have to deal with the cold, ice or snow and can relax in the constant warm temperature. They can also enjoy the beautiful and lush tropical gardens that last all year round and contain many different plants then those found in temperate climates.

Tropical gardens do have their own set of problems and challenges. Instead of focusing on nurturing and fertilizing plants, tropical garden care will focus more on pruning and mold control.

Tropical Landscaping Plants

Tropical plants look very different from temperate plants. Many times, tropical plants will resemble temperate houseplants as they flourish in similar conditions. The only difference is that tropical plants flourish and grow best out of doors. Ivy is a popular landscaping plant but in the tropic people use philodendrons instead. Their leaves are much bigger and the plants prefer a tropical climate.

Orchids are beautiful tropical plants and the nearer to the equator you are the easier you will find to grow orchids. The more elaborate tropical gardens will contain many pots of orchids. Orchids do not do well in soil as their roots absorb moisture from the air. To receive well-drained air to orchids roots they do best when planted in lava rocks.

Plants that require a dormant period in their growth cycle, such as lupine or daisies, do not last long in tropical climates. The plants that will grow and survive the longest in tropical climates are those that have waxy, thick leaves, such as canna lilies. However there are some annual plants that can grow well in tropical climates and can grow to huge sizes, like the bougainvillea.

The fruits and vegetables that do well in the tropics are very different than those that grow in temperate areas. Cool weather crops such as lettuce, radishes, and carrots do not grow well in humid areas. Fruit grows great in tropical areas and tropical fruits, which can be extremely exotic, are a lot of fun to grow. You should look into planting kiwis, mangos, lemons, oranges, limes, bananas, passion fruit and more.

Unbelievable Growth Rates

Tropical plants grow much faster than temperate plants. It is not unusual for a tropical plant to grow a foot in one day. Most of your tropical landscaping will be focused around pruning and clearing up dead material.

Source by Cindy Heller

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