Butterfly Farm –nature’s Winged Beauties Flutter by at the Penang Butterfly Farm

A kaleidoscope of fluttering beauty awaits you once entering the Penang Butterfly Farm. Home to over 4,000 Malaysian butterflies spanning over 120 species, the farm is a true wonderment of nature’s innocence and beauty. Housing these innocent and beautiful creatures, visitors are aw-inspirited by the fluttering wings and dazzling colours as they pass by. In certain species of butterflies, you are required to look harder to see them as they camouflage well into their habit.

This nature park offers visitors a world of excitement entwined into nature’s secret wonderland. Out of all the Malaysian butterflies at the Penang Butterfly Farm, the most popular is the Rajah Brooke’s Bird wing, which is part of the Papilionidae family. Other famous breeds at the farm are the rare Indian Leafl (Kallima paralekta) and the endangered Yellow Bird wing (Troides helena).

Other than its obvious attractions of fluttering winged beauties, the Penang Butterfly Farm offers visitors other attractions such as the Mini Zoo, the Insect Museum, Museum of Asian Artefacts, Caterpillar Club (CC) for the young ones, and the “Preserved Butterflies of the World” museum

The Penang Butterfly Farm, which was founded by David Goh 1986, was the first tropical butterfly farm in the tropical region. Whereas butterfly farms were common in the U.K. and Canada, within the Asian region, it was quite unheard of. The farm, thought considered a mere tourism attraction to locality, is indeed more than just that. The Penang Butterfly Farm is not only a hatchery for butterflies and insects, but it is also looks into the conservation of ‘our little insect friends’, takes care of their preservation and looks into protecting them from engenderment. As a part of protecting butterflies and insect from harm, researcher believe the presentation of the natural habit must be up kept and there research have seen carried out accordingly to ensure that this is done so. By being a neighbour to the forest conservation, this task has indeed become an easy one.

The Penang Butterfly Farm is not only a farm, but is also a live museum of the wonderful creatures who live amongst us, camouflaged into their natural habit. This popular tourism attraction offers many educational programmes for both children and adults, one being the ‘Be a Butterfly Breeder’ programme. By indulging the public to such exposure, the concept of caring for ‘our little insect friend is popularised. This favoured tourist attraction is a must-see when in Penang.

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Source by Naveen MarasinghePhoto by Gen Dee

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