Hibiscus Champagne – a Touch of Real Indulgence

There is a saying in Italy that goes “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” which translates to “See Naples and die!” Well, Realindulgence.com proclaims that with a glass of ‘Hibiscus Champagne’ – “You will live another life!”

‘Hibiscus Champagne’ is a remarkable concept presented by Realindulgence.com. The idea is simple; you lay a Hibiscus Flower bud into a champagne flute and pour any champagne you desire. Notice as you topple the flower, the millions of effervescent bubbles will assist the tantalizing flower to slowly bloom. Now, should you wish to sweeten this beverage and create a voluptuous cocktail you may add a drizzle of the potion like crimson syrup which will create a graduation in colour from a dark rich crimson to a lavish pink. There you have it – a concoction with kudos! Not only are the Wild Hibiscus Flowers an eye candy, but you actually get two bites of the cherry (or rather two bites of the flower) since these Wild Hibiscus Flowers are also edible. So once you’ve drained your drink – you simply eat the flower. The taste of the flower is a blend of sumptuously fruity sweet flavour from cherries to raspberries which conjures up childhood memories. As well as being full of flavour, Hibiscus flowers confer the same added health benefits as tea and red wine. This has got to be the Rolls Royce of champagne cocktails – very much different from your standard Kir Royal and Bellini. Now, there is no saying that the possibilities of this creation stops here. As the world-renowned Dorchester Bar demonstrates, adding a dash of rose vodka and a touch of mint separates them from the crowd.

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup is a product of Australia and has taken the world by storm. The Wild Hibiscus Flowers first came about when inventor Lee Etherington was using the flowers as a garnish for a desert at a garden party, when one of the blooms accidentally fell into a glass of champagne. Everyone was astounded when a guest began to mimic what was seen as an accessory to their champagne. It was at that moment that Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup were created. Each flower is handpicked and undergoes an impressive 18-step process before it reaches its customers.

This edible flower will undoubtedly transform any glass of champagne to a pinnacle of luxury. It is already a hit amongst wedding celebrants and event organisers. Meera Shah, director of Realindulgence.com says, “Gone are the days where people would only pop a bottle of champagne on a milestone birthday or that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. We are now of a time where our refrigerators have a designated compartment for Champagne. Our Wild Hibiscus Flowers are always the talking point of any occasion. What we have here is that extra touch of opulence – that wow factor!”

According to The Independent, “sales of champagne all around the world are fizzing”. Global demand for champagne is increasing so fast that the French authorities are expanding the areas where it may be produced. Also, Champagne sales in Britain are higher than ever before. It is now only a matter of time before we see this creation of the Hibiscus Champagne cocktail on the cocktail list of our special hangout or at that next wedding reception we RSVP for.

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are available online through http://www.realindulgence.com and delivery is available nationwide. An 11 flower jar is £6.49 and a party size jar containing 50 flowers is £22.50. The unopened jars have a 2 year shelf-life from date of manufacture and can be refrigerated for up to 4 months once opened. For further information call 0845 051 0355.

Source by A. MahonePhoto by srqpix

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